Hanging our bird feeders

Today we were very busy in the woods. We had to hang our bird feeders so that the hungry birds had something to eat now it’s cold. Especially now the ground is frozen and they find it difficult to get the worms out the soil. The birds were tweeting their thanks to us and were watching where we hung them! We had made the bird food this week using a pine cone that we smothered in peanut butter and stuck on bird seed. Miss Frisby said they would be so happy to tuck into them!

We also looked for our rocks to see if they were still there. We did find lots but Evie’s had gone. We hope that the person who has found it and re-hidden it!

We acted our story of the week using our wooden masks. The children are so good at telling it in the right order and using different voices for different characters.

We had snack as usual and Aston had donated some chocolate bourbons which we loved! Miss Frisby sat us on the bench and pretended it was a roller coaster. We had to pay and then put our seat belts on before we set off. We went forwards, backwards and up a hill. We swerved from side to side and had to wave our hands in the air. We did feel a bit ill because it was so fast but we still had time for imaginary candyfloss!

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10 thoughts on “Hanging our bird feeders”

  1. Lottie was telling me all about little red riding hood while she was having a bath… Then she was telling me all about the bird feeders and how the birds are very greatful to them as there hungry now it’s coming to winter… I think tues days are her fav day at sch she loves the out doors X

  2. Lottie loved telling me the story of the little red riding hood she was telling me who acted which part out… She then said we made bird feeders and hung them in the trees and went on to say how the birds are every great ful as its hate for them to eat worms as it’s coming to winter…. She really loves Tuesday’s being out side is her fav place x

  3. Evie’s been telling me all about the pine cones putting them in the trees to feed the hungry birds then she told me about her rock that someone has taken it to a different place I’m not sure if she was happy about that or not

    1. She didn’t look happy but Mrs Bacon said, ‘That’s amazing! Someone has found your rock and they are going to re-hide it’

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